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What is LYFETV?

LyfeTV provides a digital webcasting platform for live streaming. Do you want to stand out and make an impression showcasing engaging events and exciting subject matter? Let us help make your vision a reality and bring it to Lyfe!


We can help you expand personal or business brand awareness by connecting you with people globally, without the frustrations of unaccommodating and restrictive social media giants. Broadcast and communicate with viewers instantly, anytime, anywhere! Build your business by earning extra income when offering specialized workshops, classes, or entertainment. Enjoy useful features such as our integrated chatroom, real-time communication, and in-house or customized video theme layouts. 


LyfeTV is also about embracing life! We have a passion for supporting music, artists, and entertainment in our community and internationally. We do this by collaborating with talented people from many different backgrounds and sharing our curated streaming events with viewers all over the world!


Delivering YOUR Event

To YOUR Viewers 

1. Sign-Up

Easy registration to Host your own Event. It can be Live Stream or Pre-Record. 

3. Live Stream

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

2. Build Your Page

Depending on your hosting package,you will have full customization to your page

Our Services At a Glance:


Webcasting Services: Showcase an assortment of your own specialized public or private events! Stream live workshops, classes, music gigs, or any event that you wish!  Learn more here [Create Your LIVE Stream Page]

Video on Demand: We have options to record live streams or upload previously recorded events so that your viewers never miss out! 


Public & Private and Secure Virtual Rooms: Hold exclusive VIP meetings or Small Concerts, Live Musical performances, Full monetization, ticket sales.



We make streaming easy! Our experienced team has worked closely with clients to help them organize, set up, and run:

  • Corporate Events, Townhalls, Team Building, Board Meetings

  • News, Updates, Announcements

  • New Product Brand Launches, Product Demos, Brand Awareness, Campaigns

  • Webinars, Seminars

  • Featured DJ Events, Music Festivals, Concerts

  • and so much more!

Why is it for you?

Live streaming is an innovative and progressive alternative to physical gatherings and events.  It is an excellent way to reach and bring people together, especially when in-person options are unavailable.  LyfeTV is perfect for sharing something special with family, friends, colleagues, subscribers, fans, followers, and new audiences.  It can be anything – your love of hobbies, passions, expertise on a topic or just demonstrating a fun talent. The sky’s the limit and we want to help get you there.

Already Have a Your Own Website?  

For those who have their own website, you can embed our HTML code to your own webpage, including the chat room, and you are all set.  Extremely easy!

New to Webcasting?

Our team will assist you in the direction for building your Live Stream and everything in between.

Have a vision? Bring it to LYFE! 

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